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BOOK LAUNCH ‘Anthropocene Islands: Entangled Worlds’ 

15th June 2021. 5.30-6.30pm BST (UTC+1)

Join chair Maggie J. Whitten Henry and authors Jonathan Pugh and David Chandler at the International Small Islands Studies Association conference. Open to all.

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Pugh J. and Chandler D. (2021) ‘Anthropocene Islands: Entangled Worlds’. London: University of Westminster Press.  DOI: 10.16997/book52

Available from Amazon in Paperback (£17.99). If says ‘currently unavailable’ have found available if try another Amazon site. 

Purchase from other bookstores or download the complete book for free from University of Westminster Press in EPUB, Mobi and PDF formats.

Praise for ‘Anthropocene Islands: Entangled Worlds