Anthropocene Islands talks 

Some forthcoming talks:-

July 9th, 2021. Jonathan Pugh will be teaching at the JICAS summer school (Jersey island) ‘Island History and Archaeology: Island Networks 5-9 July’. Open to all. Contact if you are interested in taking part in the summer school.

Michele Stephens and Jonathan Pugh will be in conversation July 15th, 2021, 5.00-6.30pm (Leipzig University, Germany) at the workshop ‘Archipelagic Imperial Spaces and Mobilities’. This part of the workshop will be open to the wider public and later published in the proceedings of the workshop. (Zoom link forthcoming).  The abstract for the conversation is as follows …

‘Archipelagic thinking: Anthropocene Islands and the insular’. 

In our conversation we will explore some key tropes and themes which we think are both important to engage, and update, when thinking about ‘Archipelagic Imperial Spaces and Mobilities’. These are ‘archipelagic thinking’,‘archipelagic space,’‘imperial mobilities,’the ‘intersections between archipelagic and mobilities studies’, the ‘complications of mainland/island’, and ‘minor’ traditions. Throughout, we will pay close attention to how these are variously implicated in the generation of ontology, epistemology, research, and forms of praxis. In doing so, In particular, Jon will turn his gaze and focus to how recent thinking with the ‘Anthropocene Islands’ updates, troubles and/or becomes generative. Michelle willboth deconstruct and expand upon the notion of the “insular” and the ‘island’ itself as historical, discursive, ontological and epistemological objects.

July 21st, 2021. 10am-12pm EST (3-5pm London Time). Jonathan Pugh will be at the ‘el taller’ Summer Institute (which runs from 20-22 July), New York University Open to all. Contact if you are interested in taking part. 

Jonathan Pugh will be talking about the ‘Anthropocene Islands’ project at the 12th International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS 12), International Institute for Asian Studies, Kyoto, August 24 to 27, 2021 (Details forthcoming).

Institute of British Geographers/Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference 31st August-3rd Sept. 

There will be two ‘Anthropocene Islands’ sessions (with papers from Ian Bethell Bennett; Amina Ghezal; Liam Saddington; Steven Harry; Delilah Griswold; Jonathan Pugh and David Chandler).

Jonathan Pugh and David Chandler will also be in conversation about the book ‘Anthropocene Islands: Entangled Worlds’ with Stephanie Wakefield, Amina Ghezal, Delilah Griswold, Jamie Lorimer, Michele Lobo, Elizabeth DeLoughrey and Kevin Grove. (Details forthcoming).

Jonathan Pugh will be interviewed by Erica Angliker (ICS-London) and Lilian Laky (University of Sao Paulo), 28th Sept 2021. The interview will launch the publication of the volume "Questions of Insularity" in the journal Mare Nostrum. It will also be transmitted though the youtube channel. (Details forthcoming).

7th November, 2021. Panel discussion of ‘Anthropocene Islands, Entangled Worlds’. Global Anthropocene Conference. (details forthcoming).

Jonathan Pugh will be leading ‘Anthropocene Islands’ sessions 

at the following forthcoming conferences. 

Email if you are interested in being involved

18th ‘Islands of the World’ conference. 13-17th June, 2022. Zadar. Croatia.

International Geographical Union Congress. 18-22nd July, 2022. Paris. France.


Taster of the book ‘Anthropocene Islands’ (34 mins)

Longer talk on ‘Anthropocene Islands’ (1 hr 18 mins)