Early Career Analytical Study Space

The purpose of the early career strand is to generate a relaxed space where early career scholars can chat about and explore the many different ways in which islands and islanders are being thought about in broader Anthropocene debates and literatures. Thus, we critically ‘stand back’ from and analyse cross-cutting and discernible patterns of thought – analytical ways of thinking about islands and islanders which can be drawn out, traced, or mapped from Anthropocene debates and literatures.

We use the term ‘early career’ loosely and it is really up to people to decide if they feel they fall into this category themselves; but it could include MA students, PhD students, and those in the early years of their academic career.

The early career strand will meet the at 6pm (London time) the same day as the Anthropocene Islands reading group We also want to build up into holding sessions at conferences, workshops, and other activities.

Meeting details:

Please note: Before you attend, we strongly advise you to read the freely downloadable book Anthropocene Islands: Entangled Worlds


If you would like to take part, please contact Jonathan Pugh (Jonathan.Pugh@ncl.ac.uk) and Maggie Henry (MJHenry@upei.ca) to be added to the Early Career Analytical Study Space email list.

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